Criminal case launched against rogue Russian actor

31 October 2014

Another Russian nitwit has caused great offense in Ukraine. A Russian television star has decided to go down to the occupied Ukrainian territories, pose with the Russian terrorist-mercenary separatists, and even open fire in the direction of the Ukrainian forces. This is the kind of thing civilized people cannot fully grasp: that seemingly well-to-do, educated, urban-cosmopolitan Russians from big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg can – without shame – behave like barbarians. And all while smiling.

Avakov: A criminal case has been launched against actor Porechenkov

31 October 2014

The head of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs has suggested banning Porechenkov from entering not only Ukraine but also EU countries.

This was stated on the Facebook page of Internal Affairs Minister Arsen Avakov.

“By tomorrow, legal proceedings will have been initiated against Porechenkov. I believe entry of this type will be closed. Then the trial – the investigation – we’ll see how this will go over in Europe,” said the Minister.

Yesterday there was a video on the Internet, where Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkov arrived in Donetsk, visited terrorist positions in the area of the airport, and opened fire in the direction of the Ukrainian military.

Concurrently, the actor gave an interview to a Russian channel in which he confessed to the camera that he had already done some shooting in 2008 in Tskhinvali, during the Russian-Georgian conflict.

Porechenkov has often acted in TV series about Russian security forces. A number of Ukrainian television stations, in particular those belonging to the TV groups of Akhmetov, Pinchuk, Firtash and Levochkin, continue to show Russian series in Ukraine.

Besides serials Porechenkov performs at MAT, the Moscow Art Theatre.

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