Igor Girkin: “If it were not for Kyiv, 70% of the residents of Donbass would be starving, because the Russian humanitarian aid is being stolen.”

This is what Igor Girkin said in an interview with Russian media. According to Strelkov [nom de guerre of Girkin], he is closely monitoring the situation with regard to humanitarian assistance in the field in the Donbas, where fighting continues. According to his data, currently 70-80% of the civilians of Donetsk are on the verge of starvation, reports joinfo.ua.

At this stage, the products of the population are still there, but they will not last long. According to Strelkov, pensions and other social benefits are not available, so the people are actually surviving on humanitarian aid.

Girkin also said that Kyiv and Akhmetov are supplying humanitarian aid to the Donbas. This actually reaches its destinations. At the same time, he was outraged by the fact that the Donbas residents are not receiving Russian humanitarian aid in full.

According to him, the humanitarian aid from Russia is being stolen. He noted that without significant state support from the Russian Federation, his “New Russia” [Novorossia] movement cannot cope. The participants of this movement assist the families of wounded and dead militants.

Recall that earlier, Strelkov urged that the humanitarian aid delivered to the Donbas not be plundered. So, he said, often the Russian aid, which is not always enough, does not reach its destination, and in most cases ends up on the markets.



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