Heroes of the Revolution criticize police reform

Today, 10 December, one of the leaders of the AutoMaidan movement spoke out on the course of reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD, or national police force), the day after attending a meeting of the Advisory Council of such reform. AutoMaidan became famous during the Euromaidan Revolution for having rallied a massive number of people to use their automobiles to block police reinforcements from entering Kyiv to suppress democracy demonstrators. Sergei Hadzhynov, a prominent leader of AutoMaidan, has declared on his Facebook page that the current process of MVD reform under the newly elected authorities is a dud. Following is a translation of his comments…

Yesterday, for the first time, I attended a meeting of the Advisory Council on the reform of the Ministry of Interior with [Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen] Avakov and [Prime Minister Arseniy] Yatsenyuk.

Everything is terrible.

The Georgian Format for police reform will not happen for a reason that – on the contrary – should encourage radical reform: a lack of money…

There will be an attempt to collect money for reform at an international donor conference, because international donors always give money in advance for the increase of the salaries of police officers based on the promise of reform…

Eka Zghuladze will not apparently be Avakov’s deputy…

The reform written by Yevgeny Zakharov may look good on paper, but it will be implemented by the police officers themselves… You can stop reading further and have a shot of vodka instead…

Since the beginning of the year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs shrank by 10%, and this was seen as a positive achievement…

An oppressive impression was conveyed by the speeches of different police chiefs – give us powers, give us money, do not rush, do not interfere, or else the country will be engulfed by crime…

What AutoMaidan will do:

Demand the appointment of the deputy minister for reform with corresponding powers: a specialist in reform of organizations, preferably with an MBA from a top school. This is a key condition for this reform.

Be prepared to support the deputy politically, publicly, physically, mentally and however we can.

Delegate its experts to the working groups on reform. We will not reinvent the wheel. To start with, we will copy Western models.

If we do not come together on the first point or see profanation, we will do everything necessary to make sure that Avakov leaves.

And more:

GAI [State Automobile Inspectorate] must die.

No money for salaries? Cut the generals’ offices and thousands of idlers in uniform. Georgia has reduced the staff of the Ministry of Internal Affairs by three times! Raise the salaries of those who remain.

An effective internal security service: regular polygraph tests and provocation of the illegal actions of all employees.

Identifiers on masks/helmets, so that every brazen cop knows he will be found for sure if he uses unequal force against protesters.

And finally:

For AutoMaidan, reform of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is priority No. 1. For the sake of it, we are even ready to forgive all those responsible for the police repression against us during the Revolution of Dignity.


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