Donbas: Before and after Putin

The reporting on the human catastrophe in the Donbas – just as in any war – is subject to bias, and difficult to verify. None of us who try to follow events in Ukraine can deny this. Russian media reports that the Ukrainian army engages in indiscriminate destruction; Ukrainian media says the same of Russia and its proxy separatist-terrorists. Many people in Ukraine have satellite TV packages that feature only Russian channels, however, and to the extent such channels convey the impression that Ukraine is a place where fascist state terror rules, it is safe to assume that official Russian reporting in general is mostly lies. Living in Kyiv and traveling around the country, it is impossible to conclude honestly that “fascism” in any meaningful sense governs. Ukrainian media may omit mention of atrocities committed by its own soldiers (atrocities being inevitable on all sides in any war), but it is better to err on the side of trusting Ukrainian TV, if only for the fact that Ukraine is fighting a defensive – and therefore just – war to defend its sovereign territory. Without the flow of arms, personnel and equipment from Russia across the southeastern Ukrainian border into the separatist territories, this war would have been over a long time ago, and the death and destruction far less. As Ukraine’s president repeatedly attempts to implement ceasefires, the Russian-backed separatists break the truce. Nowhere has this been more in evidence than at the Donetsk Airport, where Ukrainian forces held control at the time a ceasefire was signed in early September, but which the pro-Russian forces nevertheless attempted to take by force.

In the meantime, we have the below “before and after” graphic of the Donbas. The indifference of the Russian leadership to the vast suffering its military intervention and interference has caused in Ukraine can be amply understood, and the numbers in this poster are credible:

4,000 dead
9,000 wounded
1 person killed every 2 hours since September 2014
435,000 internally displaced persons (refugees)
3 out of every 4 children registered for school in Donetsk have not been able to enroll
10 churches and 45 hospitals damaged or destroyed
16% increase in prices
24% increase in the cost of communal services
87,000 unemployed in Donbas

Putin's Achievements in the Donbas

Putin’s Achievements in the Donbas

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