The terrorist Girkin explains how Putin could end up in The Hague

13/12/2014 18:20

Russian spy and former warlord of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) urges the Kremlin to launch full-scale war in Ukraine

Igor Strelkov (Girkin) believes that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin could be court-martialed, reports Russian TV channel Dozhd.

According to Girkin, this will happen if the Russian leadership approaches the Ukrainian conflict in a peaceful manner. Girkin claims that during the truce Ukraine is “restoring its army at a frantic pace, such that no ‘vacationers’ (DNR Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko in August declared that the separatists fighting on the side of the Russian military were soldiers on vacation) can change the balance of power on the battlefield.”

“This winter, sanctions should seriously undermine the readiness of the Russian public to protect the Russian world” – and especially the loyalty of our officials (already extremely doubtful). And NATO, meanwhile, should consolidate the opinion of its citizens for the necessity of direct military assistance, and even armed intervention in the conflict ‘over the sovereignty of Ukraine,’” says Girkin.

By the spring, according to him, the population of the “completely destroyed” Donbass will view Putin “with hatred,” the number of refugees will have increased by a few hundred thousand, and the army of Ukraine – to which NATO troops will be introduced – will “attack,” so “that without direct, large-scale intervention of the Russian Armed Forces, there will be a rapid defeat of the demoralized ‘militia,’ which is 5-7 times inferior in number.”

Girkin also warned of the possibility of a “Moscow Maidan,” which could begin against the backdrop of “economic collapse,” and “unconcealed betrayal of the Russian population (Donbass).”

“If he (Putin) continues in the same spirit as now, then he and I will have to be neighbors… for the cameras in The Hague. If we are still alive for them to bring us there, of course,” says ex-minister of defense of the “DNR.”

In mid-August 2014, after the resignation of the DNR Prime Minister Alexander Borodai, Igor Strelkov was removed from his post as chief of the armed formations of the separatists. Later, in early September, Girkin gave a press conference in Moscow.

There he made it clear that he does not like what is happening in the Don Basin, where the armistice was announced. However, he expressed his willingness to abide by the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he considers “the only legitimate commander in chief.”

It will be recalled that Girkin’s recent interview Girkin was subjected to double censorship in Russia.

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