Girkin urges rebels to leave Donbas after murder of “Batman”

4 January 2015

Russian spy believes war between the various rebel groups will lead to their defeat and return control of Donbas to Ukraine

A former leader of the terrorist Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), the saboteur Igor Girkin (Strelkov), has called upon Russian fighters to abandon their positions and go home, as he did in August last year. He said this while commenting on the murder of one of the field commanders of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LNR), Alexei Bednov (‘Batman’), according to TSN.

According to Strelkov, the killing of Bednov was carried out to provoke the fighters to engage in insurrection, which would immediately be declared an “anti-popular rebellion,” with all the its implied consequences, until control over the “people’s republics” is returned to Kyiv on the pretext of “liquidating gangster lawlessness.”

“I was not trying to fight for power, and I left my post in order to avoid such situations… So I call upon everyone to do what I did. I do this in the full understanding that any other option will be bloody and senseless, and will end tragically,” said Strelkov.

According to Strelkov, Bednov’s killing was executed in the worst tradition of “showdowns” between gangland mobs in the 1990s.

“One thing I can say is that, whatever the motives for covering up the murder, even if San Sanich (‘Batman’ – Ed.) and six of his fighters were demons in the flesh, to destroy them in this way has not the slightest sign of any legality -even in a state of emergency – or basic human decency. If ‘Batman’ deserved arrest and even execution, it was not necessary to do this by means of a bandit ambush, even if the organizers of the ambush were to label it a special operation,” he said.

Recall that there was a fight between pro-Russian gangs on 2 January. The rebels of LNR leader Igor Plotnitsky killed one of the gang leaders who was beyond their control – Alexander Bednov, nicknamed ‘Batman’ – and some of his accomplices in an ambush. Some of them were burned alive in their car.

In this case, the leaders of the LNR terrorists admitted that one of “Batman’s” detachments had tortured, robbed, forcefully evicted and killed local residents.

Гиркин призвал боевиков покинуть Донбасс после убийства “Бэтмена”

Pro-Russian military commander Igor Strelkov attends a news conference in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk

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