Donetsk: Russian regular army officer shot to death by Chechen ally

[As reported, the forces of the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine has been augmented by mercenaries from the Caucasus, in particular Chechnya, which is ruled by a pro-Putin strongman named Ramzan Karyrov. His followers are called kadyrovtsy in colloquial terms. Although many (if not most) such fighters are serving functionaries of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Chechnya, inevitably this means little in light of the gangster mentality ruling most parts of the Russian Federation. As such, when tempers flare, shoot-outs occur, and Russians officers are killed by people who are supposed to be on their side, as has happened here. – Ed.]

News of “Novorossiya”: In Donetsk, a “Kadyrovets” has shot a Russian Airborne Forces officer to death

14 January 2015

As reported by users of social networks, the incident occurred last night. News of “Novorossiya” says that, as a result of a quarrel, a shootout developed and a paratroop officer of the Russian Federation army was killed, reports, quoted by news.

The details of the incident are not reported. But, as can be seen from the message, most likely it was one of those fighters who – as we reported – was a career police officer from Chechnya.

Additionally, the network has a video on how the Chechens were dancing the “Lezginka” [the traditional male dance of the Caucasus region – Ed.] in Donetsk before storming the airport and promising to continue on to Lviv.

According to the users of social networks, none of the dancers were left alive the moment after storming the airport.

Here is the video of the Chechens dancing shortly before their deaths:



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