“Novorossiya”: Phase 2

After the Maidan Revolution in February 2014 overthrew the pro-Russian regime in Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly spoke of “Novorossiya” (or ‘Novorossia’) to refer to a Russian imperialist-expansionist project that would carve away large portions of Ukraine by force, starting with the annexation of Crimea, which occurred in March. “Novorossiya” translates as something close to “New Russia” or “Neo-Russia,” and was a term used by Russians from the 18th to 19th centuries to denote an area north of the Black Sea, which Russia seized as a result of wars with the Ottoman Empire, and which extinguished the Cossack Hetmanate and the Zaporizhian Sich. It also encompassed much of the Black Sea littoral regions of Ukraine, such as Zaporizhia and the Tatar areas of the Crimea. Russia held control over these areas until the collapse of the empire in 1917, when they became part of an independent Ukraine again. Putin’s public announcement of Novorossiya was very alarming to the rest of the world, since it signified that the government of a European country was resorting to the methods of “old empire” to assert itself on the world stage and restore its country’s former imperial glory. The fomenting of separatist war in eastern Ukraine can be properly interpreted as a manifestation of this policy. Former US President George W. Bush has recounted how Putin described Ukraine in a one-on-one conversation as “not a real country.” By extension, it can be reasonably assumed that the Russian strongman views other countries the same way.

The Novorossiya policy – or “project” – is not often articulated in international media. Although reified by Putin in a dangerous foreign policy initiative, it is the stuff of folk legend, for the most part, and thus confined largely (probably) to internal Russian media. One imagines jingoistic Russian nationalist intellectuals excitedly chatting about it over cigarettes and alcohol in the bars and cafes of Russian cities, in the same breath with curses against Ukraine as an independent state with pro-Western inclinations. But Novorossiya is a very real evil for the world, and it confronts the West in particular with a very nasty dilemma. The alteration of European borders attendant to the annexation of Crimea leaves many in the West wondering to what extent their governments are prepared to distance themselves from modern-day Russia given their energy dependence and trade relations.

It has been speculated by prominent observers of Ukraine, including George Soros, that Russia needed to act quickly to establish Novorossiya before winter temperatures made it impractical. As it is now January, the window of opportunity for the quick seizure of the necessary territory (visible in pink in the map below) may have closed. But the following analysis (perhaps intended as dark satire, and posted under the title “I Love the Motherland – Project ‘Novorossiya,’ Phase 2”) explains that it is not only the weather that makes a quick Russian blitzkrieg to capture Novorossiya imperative. It is the fact that sanctions, the falling price of oil, and the high cost of maintaining annexed Crimea make it a case of “nothing left to lose” for the Russian people. They are already going to face tremendous hardship as the cost of the Ukrainian adventure over coming years, so why not go all the way and seize Russia’s historical destiny? It makes for chilling reading…

I Love the Motherland – The “Novorossiya” Project: Phase 2

(From the Journal of a Patriot)

'Novorossiya' is shown in pink as an area stretching West to the Moldovan separatist region of Transnistria, and depriving Ukraine of its Black Sea coast

‘Novorossiya’ is shown in pink as an area stretching West to the Moldovan separatist region of Transnistria, and depriving Ukraine of its Black Sea coast

The “Novorossiya” Project – Phase 2

Warning: Hysterical hypocrites are not advised to read this post, because it will be full of harsh, cruel truth.

Friends! The whole Ukrainian topic has worn us all out, to the extent that many of you simply failed to even notice the breakdown of negotiations in Astana, or didn’t attach due significance to the fact. Meanwhile, it is a turning point. Koya clearly indicates that a certain stage of stabilization (in the “Junta-Novorossiya” issue) is complete, and a new phase in the utilization of the successful “Novorossiya” project is beginning. For the purposes of the “Novorossiya”, click here:


And so! To begin with: the Big Picture.

Despite the cheerfully soothing statements of Russian leaders and the cheering of brainless jingoists, we have found ourselves in a very nasty situation:

1. Sanctions:

You can, of course, ignore the harsh reality and “stay cool,” telling yourself that everything is fine. But, to be honest, there os nothing wonderful happening. Sectoral sanctions are having a destructive effect on our economy, and their negative effect is not momentary, but gradual, inexorably cumulative – a typical “domino effect.” We cannot wait for the sanctions to be lifted. The meter is running.

2. The fall in the price of oil:

One can puff oneself up and shout from the rooftops that the share of income to our budget from “The World’s Gas Station” is no more than 18% – that we have a “cushion” from the stabilization fund, and that the super-experts predict $120 for oil tomorrow – so nothing threatens us. But it helps to be realistic: we need to forget about an increase in the price of oil. One has to realize that the stabilization fund will be spent in a matter of 3 months. Even if the fall in the price of oil were to stop at today’s point of $45, we would already need to seriously sequester the budget and take very unpopular measures, and this will be done, you can be sure. We need to understand that the Russian economic situation will deteriorate quickly enough in the foreseeable future, and together with this the standard of living will fall rapidly for each of us. The meter is running.

3. Crimea:

The heavy (for our economy even in the best of times!) weight of Krymnash [‘Crimea Is Ours’ – the Russian movement for the annexation of Crimea – Ed.] hanging from our neck is pulling us to the bottom, and the stronger it pulls, the weaker (under the influence of paragraphs 1 and 2) our economy becomes. The actual blockade of Crimea by Ukraine is forcing us to spend more and more resources to sustain the life of the Krymnash peninsula today. It is a devastatingly huge Russian budgetary pump, and the situation will only worsen. The meter is running.

4. A catastrophe is not foreseen:

Despite the lousy trend, no disaster will occur under any scenario. But very hard times await us ordinary citizens of Russia. This is permanent, without a meter.

What is to be done?

At the current political moment, there is only one option to improve our situation: sticking the stake of “Novorossiya” into the rotten heart of Ukraine, to shake the rotten, worm-eaten mama’s body so that all of Europe is showered with maggots and chunks of rottenness!

Putin is a master at inventing “asymmetrical moves” and pulling trump cards from his sleeves, but in this situation there is no choice: it is imperative – as long as we have time for it (the counter is ticking!), strength and enthusiasm – to move the situation to a new level, to force open a “land corridor” to Krymnash.

The logic is simple. The money runs out, the forces melt, and time expires, so you need to do today what there may simply not be enough strength or money for tomorrow. The corridors need to be punched through NOW! There is nothing that the new-bad “civilized West” can do to us, but in terms of strategy and operations, the “land corridor” completely deprives Ukraine of the potential for the strangulation of Crimea. This operation will be far less costly than a bridge over the Kerch Straits, new communications, solving problems with water, electricity, etc. So, much to the chagrin of the “catastrophists” and “putin-uniters,” in the near future Russia will launch the “Novorossiya – Phase 2” project.

Preparations for “Phase 2” of “Novorossiya” are complete:

  1. In fact, the large, autonomous, contumacious (or partially-subordinate) gang of militias – which was disarmed, and which voluntarily recognized a single command structure – has been stripped to the core. The most frostbitten are physically destroyed.
  2. There is a substantial force of professionals (holidaymakers), as well as local militias who have received past qualitative military training – those who are willing not only to protect your land, but also to strip Kiev! All these are perfectly equipped, well motivated (including materially), have received combat training, and are clearly ready to perform combat tasks.
  3. The “north wind” has blown a huge amount of new military hardware, including heavy equipment, into the rebuilding of our best arsenal of weaponry.
  4. The airspace over the whole of “Novorossiya” has actually been declared a “no-fly zone” – it is completely controlled from the territory of Russia by an air defense system (S-300, Pantsir-S, etc.), and any military aircraft or helicopter of the Ukrainian armed forces that appears over “Novorossiya” will be immediately destroyed.
  5. Stocks of food for the “Novorossiya” armed forces have been collected and stored, and the logistics for supply of the “Novorossiya” troops during the fighting have been worked out.
  6. The morale of the “Novorossiya” armed forces is unusually strong, and they crave the trampling of the Ukrainian armed forces into the frozen ground.

How it will happen:

The increase in the number and intensity of violations of the “Minsk Agreements” is gradually transforming into a resumption of full-scale war, as a result of which the Ukrainian armed forces will be defeated again, this time with the loss of Mariupol, Berdyansk, Primorsk, Melitopol and Kherson. Thus, with the arms of “Novorossiya,” Russia will create the “land corridor” to Crimea, and the “Novorossiya” insurgency will control the Lugansk and Donetsk regions within their administrative borders.

Simultaneously with the outbreak of hostilities, numerous groups of saboteurs, agents and tajiks will provide total chaos and destabilization at the rear of the junta – organizing “minimaidans,” sabotage, and disabling of economic life support systems. That, along with the new news of tens of thousands killed at the front, will quickly lead to the complete destruction and death of Ukraine as a state.

This part of the operation is necessary in order to give the people of Ukraine something to do other than worry about having their coastal territory taken away from them. And, of course, it is necessary to fully tear the sting out of the hohlo-fascists [‘hohlo’ is a Russian derogatory word for a Ukrainian – Ed.] and thoroughly stamp out the thought of “war” with the hosts from their minds forever.

Yes, it is understandable that we would do well to seize all of Ukraine (except the western regions), but “politics is the art of the possible,” and we just cannot pull it off economically. So we will concern ourselves with “Novorossiya – Beta Version.”

What will happen to the debris of Ukraine, cast into a hell of humanitarian catastrophe, is a topic for another post.

The Dark One [Putin has acquired this nickname among Russians, although it is not clear how. – Ed.] has prepared such an “asymmetric response” for our western friends and partners. That’s the kind of gift we’ll all receive, Patriots of Russia! Command us, Vladimir Vladimirovich [Putin – Ed.]! It’s time to break their meters!

P.S. Again, to the hysterical hypocrites: do not whine about the “many victims and cruelty.” Yes, geopolitics is a brutal, bloody thing, and its machinery requires constant lubrication with blood and intestines. It was not we who conceived of this idea.

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