Turchynov: Russian army poised for full-scale offensive

Turchynov: The Russian army is ready to go on the offensive

Russia may begin full-scale war against Ukraine.

Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) Secretary Oleksander Turchynov said this during a speech in parliament.

According to him, there are several scenarios for the situation in the east of Ukraine.

In particular, Turchynov did not rule out a full-scale offensive of the Russian army on the territory of Ukraine.

“There are two basic scenarios. The first is the restoration of large-scale enemy hostilities and an attack with the active participation of the armed forces of the Russian Federation, which may result in a full-scale continental war,” said Turchynov.

Another scenario, noted Turchynov, would be an attempt at mobilizing Russian terrorist activities on the territory of Ukraine and to turn this into a protracted conflict.

“Russian aggression continues,” said Turchynov.

He said that over the last day the rebels in the ATO area had set a record for the number of attacks on positions of the Ukrainian military since the beginning of the year: they fired 129 times, killing 2 soldiers and injuring 4.

“Russian terrorist groups have defiantly demonstrated a complete disregard of the ceasefire. They kill not only the military,” said Turchynov, recalling the tragedy at Volnovaha.

The NSDC Secretary stressed that in the occupied part of the Don Basin are 36,000 terrorists, among them the 8,000 regular army operatives of the Russian Federation. At their disposal are 542 tanks, 990 armored combat vehicles, 694 units of artillery systems, 4 units of “Tochka-U” missile systems, and up to 57 anti-aircraft missile units.

He also said that along the border with Ukraine are around 52,000 Russian soldiers in full battle readiness with significant offensive potential, more than 300 tanks, 1,800 armored combat vehicles and 360 combat aircraft and attack helicopters.

Ukrainian Truth

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