Mariupol: Massacre targeted civilians

The shelling of the Ukrainian southeastern coastal city of Mariupol on Saturday, January 24th, resulted in the deaths of up to 30 people. The UN has branded the incident a war crime, and international observers in the area have concluded that the attack was carried out from rebel-controlled territory. The Russian government has claimed that the assault was a “false flag” operation to pin blame on the separatists, but as time passes, it appears increasingly clear that the Russian-backed separatist rebels launched the attack. The following video is graphic, and viewers are warned that images of civilian dead appear. School No. 5, and kindergartens No. 165 and 42 are shot by a cameraman filming the area immediately after the missile attack. It is impossible to conclude from this footage that the attack did not target civilians. It is only left to the international community to decide whether the atrocity was carried out by the separatist-terrorists, or (as the Russian government claims) by forces loyal to the government in Kyiv. The official Russian claims ring increasingly hollow. Phone conversations between the rebels intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) incriminate the pro-Russian separatists unambiguously. Again, warning: graphic content.

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