Explosion in Odessa hits hostel, destroys neighboring buildings

As previously noted in posts to this site, Odessa represents a key goal of the Russian regime’s neo-imperial “Novorossiya” project to carve away large portions of Ukrainian territory and put them under the control of forces subservient to the Kremlin. This is because Odessa is the largest Ukrainian port on the Black Sea, and also because the Odessa region borders the pro-Russian separatist region of Transnistria in Moldova, and would thus give the Transnistrian regime an outlet to the sea.

As investigations proceed, it is becoming increasingly clear that the fire in the Odessa House of Trade Unions that killed over 40 people on 2 May 2014 was a Russian intelligence operation designed to destabilize the region. Persons who had crossed the Ukrainian border from Transnistria have been identified as being involved in the atrocity. Now, another act of violence as occurred in the city of Odessa. Could this be another act of terror and subversion by the forces of Novorossiya?

An explosion in Odessa hit a hostel, destroying neighboring buildings

11 February 2015

Doctors say nobody is injured

One more explosion has rocked a hostel downtown Odesa. The blast destroyed the walls and windows even in residential buildings nearby.

Residents of building were not allowed to return to their apartments.

Mariya Kulesh, Local resident: “We heard an explosion at 11 at night. We were afraid and we looked out the windows. We saw debris. Fragments of this window frame reached that window!”

Explosives experts previously say the explosion was caused by a bomb with half a kilogram of TNT. Now the police are investigating the reasons of the explosion.

Oleksandr Breslavets, Doctor: “No one is injured. We can’t say more, because now the investigation is being conducted.”

Ukrainian State Security Service on February 5 prevented an attempt to blow up an Odesa railway track. Other blasts targeted volunteer organisations and bank offices.


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