Pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine reveal Nazi sympathies

Again, the credibility gap in the official Russian policy of branding the pro-Western Ukrainian government a ‘fascist junta’ has widened, as supporters of the Russian regime’s neo-imperial, revanchist policy of ‘Novorossiya’ (involving the carving away of large portions of Ukraine by force and annexing them to Russia) have revealed their fundamentally racist, chauvinist and anti-Semitic views.

In a tweet from ‘Сводки от ополчения’ (Reports from the Rebels), supporters of the Ukrainian insurgency question the authenticity of the surnames of various well-known political and cultural figures from Russia and Ukraine, essentially branding them people of another race. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, slain Russian oppositionist Boris Nemtsov, and Russian pop legend Andrei Makarevich (from the outset a firm opponent of Russian actions in Ukraine) are all given Jewish surnames. Murdered Russian journalist and Putin regime opponent Anna Politkovskaya is awarded a Ukrainian surname, and Putin aide Vladislav Surkov, (widely blamed among the Russian annexationists and neo-imperialists for manipulating the war effort to the detriment of the ‘Novorossiya’ cause) is given the same name as the Chechen warlord Dudayev, who led fierce fighting against the Russians in the 1990s. Strelkov is the nom de guerre of Igor Girkin, the Russian nationalist rebel leader from the formative days of the separatist war in eastern Ukraine. The website is devoted to his followers and devotees, as is the vkontakte page «Сводки от ополчения Новороссии» (‘Reports from the Rebels of Novorossiya’).

Below, commentator Anton Nosik clarifies some issues for the separatists…

Anton Nosik: Strelkov and the purity of the Aryan race

4 March 2015 ~

What name was recorded on the birth certificate of the man personifying himself as Strelkov? And in what year did Mr. Girkin change his name?

On Monday, early in the morning Reports from the Rebels was occupied with the issue of racial purity:


A deleted tweet from Strelkov-info, reading: Why do they hide their real surnames? Poroshenko-Waltzman, Nemtsov-Eidman, Kurkov-Dudayev, Politkovskaja-Mazepa, Makarevich-Shmulevich, etc…

In fact, the question is not so complicated.

Andrei Makarevich bears the name of his father, the architect Vadim Makarevich – who, of course, committed a terrible sin by marrying a Jewish woman, but who did not take his wife’s name.

Just as Yefim Davidovich Nemtsov, the father of Boris Yefimovich Nemtsov, did not take his wife’s name. Accordingly, neither the Nemtsovs nor the Makareviches ever changed their surnames during their lives.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko also bears the name that was recorded on his birth certificate. The same name is his father, Oleksiy Poroshenko. I think it’s not hard to guess why Poroshenko Sr. took his wife’s name 9 years before the birth of his son: it was shortly after the shooting of the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee.

Anna Stepanovna Politkovskaya really had a different last name at birth, but changed her name when she married Alexander Politkovsky. I do not know how this is viewed now in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), but in the USSR it was considered absolutely normal when a wife took her husband’s surname.

And now, note, a question for Strelkov-info: What surname was recorded on the birth certificate of the man portraying himself as Strelkov? In what year did Mr. Girkin replace it?

Антон НОСИК: Стрелков и чистота арийской расы

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