The Murder of Boris Nemtsov: real “contractor” and executioner named

Boris Nemtsov, a former Russian MP, fierce critic of Putin and opponent of Russia’s military involvement in Ukraine, was assassinated in central Moscow on the night of 27 February 2015. As the information war between Russia and the West heats up, theories as to the culprits swirl. But the Kavkaz Center website – which boasts a network of sources in the Caucasus – claims that the identity of the killers is already known…

3 March 2015

The person who carried out the murder of Nemtsov has been revealed…

Adam Delimkhanov

Adam Delimkhanov

Late last night, Kavkaz-Center received information from Chechnya concerning who carried out the murder of Boris Nemtsov. He was killed by Adam Delimkhanov, cousin and personal hit man of [Chechen leader Ramzan] Kadyrov, and a member of Putin’s “Duma RF” state gang.

Ramzam Kadyrov

Ramzam Kadyrov

This is the one who personally killed Movladi Baisarov, former friend of Kadyrov and leader of the “Highlander” unit, in the center of Moscow under the eyes of the Russian cops. He also organized the murder of Sulim Yamadayev in Dubai and, earlier in 2008, his older brother, also near the Kremlin, reports quoting

Sulim Yamadaev (left) with Kadyrov

Sulim Yamadaev (left) with Kadyrov

This information leak is not simply rumor or gossip. The fact is that the Chechens have extensive kinship and friendship ties, and sometimes even the most sensitive information gets uncontrollably distributed “among their own.” In this case, it is necessary to take into account the hit team’s members’ confidence in their actions, because the order to eliminate the “enemy of the state” came through the Putin-Kadyrov-Delimkhanov chain.

Sources say that the support team of the killer Adam Delimkhanov is still in Moscow. They have not left. There is information that on Sunday they were celebrating the successful operation magnificently in an apartment in Moscow.

The Kadyrovites who assisted Adam Delimkhanov in the murder of Nemtsov live permanently in Moscow. In Chechnya, they practically do not exist.

Adam Delimkhanov-2

Adam Delimkhanov

Delimkhanov and his team were promised full freedom of action. The place of the murder was pre-cleared by police and surveillance. Outdoor advertising was removed.

The place of the murder – by the Kremlin walls – was not chosen by chance either. Thus, Putin and his gang had a pre-prepared “alibi”: supposedly, the killing of Nemtsov was a provocation directed personally against Putin.

Anna Politkovskaja

Anna Politkovskaya

This is an old and time-worn KGB tactic: eliminate opponents whose murder formally “harms the authorities.” Like, are we such fools to expose ourselves?

Alexander Litvinenko shortly before his death

Alexander Litvinenko shortly before his death

Putin developed this focus in killing [journalist Anna] Politkovskaya (his famous phrase was that the death of the journalist was more damaging to the authorities than her human rights advocacy). Polish President Kaczynski and the entire anti-Russian Polish elite were killed in Smolensk. Litvinenko was murdered in a radioactive terrorist attack in central London. Berezovsky was hanged in his bathroom. Natalia Estemirova was murdered.

Khamzat Edelgiriev

Khamzat Edelgiriev

By the way, the killers of Estemirova are living quietly in their homes. In Chechnya, everyone knows that she was killed by Khamzat Edelgiriev and his cousin (nicknamed ‘Dantes’), members of the “Kurchaloevsky Police Department” gang.

Even the murder scene is known by everyone: the Kadyrovites’ base in the village of Yalkhoy-Mohk.

Natalia Estemirova

Natalia Estemirova

It’s a secret only to the Russian media, but not in Chechnya.

Estemirova’s killers no longer work in the “Police Station.” They were dismissed for some offense to Kadyrov. But they live quietly at home, even though the so-called “Prosecutor’s Office” knows perfectly well that they killed the human rights activist.

On the body of the deceased, traces of DNA were found. When checking the members of different gangs, Kadyrov did not allow the DNA of these two killers to be verified even formally.

There’s a joke in Chechnya. They should hang a sign on the building of the “general prosecutor,” reading: “Caution! Blind People.”

Убийство Бориса Немцова: названо имя реального исполнителя “заказа” и палача

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