Gruesome interview with Donbas terrorist

The website claims that the online version of Russia’s ‘Snob’ magazine has interviewed a Donbas separatist and citizen of the self-proclaimed ‘Donetsk People’s Republic.’ In the presence of his grandparents, the rebel recounts the grisly tale of how he destroyed a Ukrainian tank and proudly held the decomposing leg of a Ukrainian soldier in his hands, like a trophy.

Russia’s ‘Snob’ publication interviews ‘DNR rebel’

6 March 2015

Igor Grebtsov (left) in fighting mode

Igor Grebtsov (left) in fighting mode

The Internet site of Snob has published an interview with Igor Grebtsov, who fought on the side of the separatists in the Donbas. He fought under the nom de guerre “Summer” in the “Motorola” group [‘Motorola’ is the nom de guerre of a separatist rebel unit commander. – Ed.], he told the reporters of Snob. For 34 years of his life he has worked as a journalist and assistant to a legislator, in order to participate in the operation to annex Crimea, and to destroy a Ukrainian tank near Donetsk airport. With awe, Igor shows fragments of the Grad rocket that wounded him and proudly recalls how he obliterated the Ukrainian tank, in which Ukrainian soldiers were burned alive. As he is telling the story, he stops at an episode about a Ukrainian’s soldier’s severed leg, which he and his friends took from the battlefield as a trophy:

“We brought in anti-tank missile personnel, instructors,” continues the grandson. “Instructors were brought from Russia. I do not know where they took Motorola… We were taught by two majors. They came to the citizenry, trained us and drove away,” says the terrorist. And he continues, telling another tale: “Heavy shelling started, and I was in the shit a little bit to begin with. In the smoke I couldn’t see a damn thing, and I hear that our guys have babahnulo something, and there’s flames. And I sent a rocket into the flame and…”

“And – HERO!” sums up the operator.

Igor tells his grandma further details.

“The tankers were burned alive. Then they brought me the leg.”

“What?” asks Nina Vasilievna (his grandmother – or thereabouts – Ed.)

“They brought me the leg of one of them. They said: ‘Igor, look how the khokhly’s feet stink.’ Three days it had been lying out there, decomposing.” [‘khokhly’ is a derogatory term used by Russians to refer to Ukrainians – Ed.]



“It’s a pity for people,” says the grandmother. “This war is so meaningless, no one needs it.”

“Grandma, they wanted to kill us like that, but we – in order to stay alive – have killed them…”

Igor Grebtsov's passport from the 'Donetsk People's Republic'

Igor Grebtsov’s passport from the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’

He does not hide the fact that he took part in the events in Crimea in winter 2014. The aim of the event was to overthrow the government in Ukraine. He shows off a lot of photos from Crimea, with great satisfaction, indicating people whom he and his companions beat up for their pro-Ukrainian positions and views. He also recognizes that the referendum on the peninsula was a step toward war. Both he and people like him wanted this war, just as he considers Ukraine a “piece of Russia.”

He also believes that “there is no Ukraine.” There is no war between Russia and Ukraine… “But there is a war between Russia and the United States, and the Ukrainians are only pieces of meat.” Because any country for which Russian blood was shed, he thinks, should be part of Russia.

In addition, Grebtsov separately focuses on the looting and plundering of the Donbas. He focuses on children’s drawings from Ukraine, which he has brought with him to his town, Lesnoy. He doubts that the Ukrainians are fascists, but he continues to call them that just because he likes it, because it is convenient to call enemies Nazis. This makes it easier to kill them:

Video of Grebtsov from Dozhd (Russia’s last independent TV outlet) visible here: Издание Сноб взяло интервью у одного из «ополченцев ДНР»

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