Russian army strike force identified 80 km from Kharkiv

While it is difficult for civilians to get an up-to-date idea of Russia’s military movements in and around Ukraine, occasionally a report comes out that seems to offer insight. Ukrainians have the advantage of Russian language in espionage, meaning they can move around in enemy territory more easily than Russians, most of whom do not speak or understand Ukrainian. Here is one such report, republished from the InfoResist website.

01-Dude10 March 2015

In Belgorod, on the territory of the Russian Federation, the Russian Ministry of Defense has gathered a group of forces composed of units of the 23rd Motor Rifle Brigade from Samara and the 7th Tank Brigade from Chelyabinsk.

02-Aerial View

The Russian troops are stationed in 79.5 km from Kharkiv, reports InformNapalm.


‘It seems that our fears are finding new confirmation: in the Belgorod region the Russian military command is putting together a new group aimed at Ukraine’s Kharkiv region. In particular, in the northwestern suburbs of Belgorod, a base camp of Russian troops has been identified, in which several units are located at the moment,’ the statement says.


‘It was possible to identify the consolidated unit from the 23rd Motor Rifle Brigade of the Central Military District – mil. unit 65349; place of dislocation – Samara.’ the newspaper writes.


The article notes that the consolidated unit of the 23rd Motor Rifle Brigade is represented in the form of a battalion-tactical group (BTGr) – infantry battalion (in BTR-82a – [armored personnel carrier – Ed.]), and also mortars (ACS ‘Nona’ on BTR), anti-aircraft gunners (SAM ‘Wasp’), scouts and snipers, and all sorts of software.


In addition to the BTGr of the 23rd Brigade, the presence of a self-propelled artillery unit (‘Acacia’152 mm self-propelled guns), presumably from the 7th Armored Brigade of the Central Military District – military unit 89547, place of dislocation Chebarkul, Chelyabinsk region (information being verified), tankers and gunners, which in autumn 2014 were observed as part of the Rostov groups invading forces.


In Belgorod is part of the training section of military unit 27898. But Russian army soldiers are living in a temporary field camp in tents on the outskirts of the city.

09-Thumbs-Up Dudes

В 80 км от Харькова сосредоточена ударная группировка армии России

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