UN to give large sum for restoration of Donbas

UN to give large sum for restoration of Donbas

11 April 2015 ~ reply.net

Gennady Zubko, the minister of housing and communal services and construction, as well as the minister for regional development, said on Saturday at a press conference that the Donbas needs about half a billion dollars to rebuild the infrastructure of the region. According to the latest information, the United Nations plans to provide about three hundred million for the restoration of the affected areas. The remaining funds will have to be found in the budget or from requests to European countries.

Hennadiy Zubko

Hennadiy Zubko

In an interview, Zubko said that on April 28th a conference is to be held at which the support of our state will be discussed. It is expected that the meeting will bring together representatives of many countries. According to Zubko, the conference will touched upon democracy in modern Ukraine, by which our country progresses further and further, and which will allows it in the near future to be closer to Europe. According to the minister, all countries interested in the development of Ukraine should be involved in this process. Zubko is convinced that the state cannot single-handedly rebuild the areas affected by the war, or help internally displaced persons or people left without shelter and livelihood.

Zubko and his colleagues have already made a preliminary assessment of the needs in the recovery area, as well as the humanitarian response plan. According to experts, the Donbas needs half a billion dollars, and this is the minimum amount. In the current difficult economic situation, Ukraine will not be able to help five million people in the affected regions and one million displaced persons. Zubko has said that to solve the basic problems requires a specific program of action that needs to be set up very carefully. Our President is trying to stop the war in the LNR [Lugansk People’s Republic] and the DNR [Donetsk People’s Republic], and high-ranking officials are working to create a strong line of defense. However, despite all the efforts of the Government and Petro Poroshenko, the separatists continue to conduct attacks. Infrastructure in many areas of the Donbas is severely damaged, and the restoration will take years.

ООН даст крупную сумму на восстановление Донбасса

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