Ukrainian MP: Russian security services incite separatism in Odessa

Tymchuk: Russia has created ‘People’s Council of Bessarabia,’ to ‘probe ground’ for ‘Donbas scenario’ in Odessa

In Odessa yesterday, May 16th, a second workshop of the so-called ‘People’s Council of Bessarabia’ introduced a bill on the ‘national and cultural autonomy of Bessarabian territory.’

The head of the ‘Information Resistance’ group, Ukrainian MP Dmytro F. Tymchuk, reported this on his Facebook page, according to UNIAN

Session of the 'People's Council of Bessarabia'

Session of the ‘People’s Council of Bessarabia’

‘This is another round of activity of the Russian security services on the territory of Ukraine. In parallel with preparing for an increase in large-scale attacks in the Donbas, the Kremlin is trying to ignite a ‘second front’ for the greatest possible destabilization of the situation in the South, a distraction of forces and a diversion of our law enforcement organs from the zone of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO). At the same time, there is a probing of ground on the subject of further splitting Ukraine and stealing territory by a third scenario (after the first two: the bloodless ‘Crimean scenario’ or bloody ‘Donbas’). The neighboring Russian military springboard in Transnistria makes this scenario not so fantastic.’

Alik Vetrov

Alik Vetrov

Moreover, the nascent ‘Bessarabians’ are not making any particular effort to disguise the fact that they are being directed from Russia. Thus, the participants of the conference were congratulated from Moscow by one of the founders of the ‘People’s Council,’ A. Vetrov, a Russian Ukrainophobe well-known in Odessa, with the words: ‘Together with you, I will continue the struggle for a bright future for Bessarabia.’ The video communications included odious Russian lackeys like former ‘Minister of Foreign Affairs’ of Transnistria V. Yastrebchak,’ said Tymchuk.

He noted that the ‘Bessarabians’ are not particularly concerned about hiding the fact that the ‘draft bill on national-cultural autonomy for the Bessarabian territory’ was signed by people with very weak connections to Ukraine.

Dmytro Tymchuk

Dmytro Tymchuk

‘The ‘Russisms’ in the text of this paper [i.e. words that betray the fact that the bill was not composed by Ukrainian speakers – Ed.] are a dime a dozen. If the FSB [Russian Federal Security Service] lacks the intelligence to hire an editor to do proofreading for 10 dollars, then I feel sorry for the degenerate agents of the security services of the Russian Federation who are working under the guise of Panopticon ‘republics’ like the ‘People’s Council of Bessarabia,’ said Tymchuk.

‘Masking’ tricks like the promotion of the ‘purely cultural autonomy of Bessarabia within Ukraine’ should not mislead, said Tymchuk.

‘The essence of the project is to delineate an entire region from the territory of our country under the cover of a message about language and culture, followed by the establishment of a quasi-state formation similar to neighboring Pridnestrovian-Moldavian Republic [Transnistria]. A fool could understand who would administer this,’ he said.

Transnistria borders Odessa region and is controlled by Russia

Transnistria borders Odessa region and is controlled by Russia

‘The fact that the ‘Bessarabians’ (whose link to another Russian project – ‘LNR’ [Lugansk People’s Republic] – has been established by the SBU [Security Service of Ukraine]) have cut out the work of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in their ‘draft bill’ and essentially seek to amend the Constitution of Ukraine – this, you will agree, is a joke. But the real the problem is that in the districts of Odessa listed in the ‘draft bill’ (districts which Moscow plans to use to constitute ‘Bessarabia’), this Russian initiative could actually win the support of certain segments of the population.

For one simple reason: the listed areas have totally or partially dropped out of the information field of Ukraine and are not covered by a Ukrainian digital TV signal (TV is the main source of information for local residents), as previously reported by the Information Resistance (IR) group. Instead, over the years, local residents have been zombified by Russian TV from Transnistria.

Yuriy Stets

Yuriy Stets

Although it is totally technically possible (without significant cost to the budget) to correct the situation there – the relevant experts are available in the IR group. But this is a question for our Ministry of Information Policy (by the way, a request on this subject has already been sent to Mr. Yuriy Stets [Information Policy Minister – Ed.] in my name). So the seed of hatred and separatism from the FSB can find very fertile ground in Odessa region. With all subsequent consequences,’ wrote Timchuk.

Recall that the founding congress of the ‘People’s Council of Bessarabia’ concluded in Odessa with mass arrests of the organizers of the event by SBU agents. Specifically, over 20 people were arrested.

Тимчук: Росія створила “Народну раду Бессарабії”, щоб “промацати ґрунт” для “донбаського сценарію” на Одещині

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