MH17 and the impeachment of Moscow’s credibility

The Russian government continues to deny that Russian proxy forces shot down the Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 over eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014, maintaining the line that the Ukrainian armed forces were responsible. First, the Kremlin alleged that a Ukrainian fighter jet had downed the passenger airliner. Now, the Putin regime is disseminating a version of events whereby Flight MH17 was shot down by a ground-to-air missile fired by a Buk rocket launcher conrolled by the Ukrainian armed forces.

Lost in all this is the fact that, not long before the catastrophe, numerous Russian media outlets reported (some boasting) that such a launcher had been stolen by the pro-Russian separatist rebels. A journalist for the Ekho Moskvy (‘Echo of Moscow’) newspaper, Serguei Parkhomenko, published a reminder of this on his blog page on 3 June 2015, soon after official Moscow responded to Western media reports to the effect that the missile came from Russian-controlled territory. The Kremlin’s new version holds that, although the plane was downed by a Buk missile, it was fired by the Ukrainians from territory they controlled. Gone now is the Russian allegation that a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter shot down the Boeing, and the dispute now centers over whence the missile was fired.

Before the links to the Russian media reports are possibly terminated – or their content is altered – they are reproduced below in English. Should readers later find the links to be dead, hopefully the link to this post will still be alive. Again, what is important to remember is that Russian media and other online sources ackowledged that the rebels had stolen a Buk launcher prior to the disaster, and had announced their intention to use this equipment to protect Donetsk from Ukrainian air strikes. Since the rebels had no aircraft, the Ukrainian armed forces would have had no reason to be firing anti-aircraft missiles into the sky above Donetsk. Blaming the Ukrainians for the downing of Flight MH17 thus requires a suspension of disbelief – and adoption of the Kremlin-disseminated conspiracy theory that the Ukrainian authorities ordered the destruction of the plane so that they could then blame Russia and its proxy forces in eastern Ukraine. ‘Somehow all this is totally forgotten now,’ says Parkhomenko of the Russian reports from 2014. Following are translations of these reports, to which Parkhomenko provides links and screenshots in his article (together with the links themselves):

ITAR-TASS: Rebels of DNR [‘Donetsk People’s Republic’] have seized control of air-defense unit with Buk anti-aircraft missile complex (This link still works: http://tааrоdnаyа-pаnоrаmа/1287030) Donetsk Militants (ITAR-TASS) 29 June 2014, 18:50 GMT+3 ~ Quantity and technical condition of the systems now in the hands of the militants is unknown.

Screenshot of ITAR-TASS report

Screenshot of ITAR-TASS report

Donetsk, 29 June. /ITAR-TASS/.  Representatives of the rebels of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic took control of Military Unit No. A-1402 of the Air Defense Forces with a Buk anti-aircraft missile complex. This information was confirmed for ITAR-TASS by the press service of the DNR. The number and technical condition of the systems now in the control of the militia remain unknown. The DNR’s press service refused to provide any information on this. Buk is a self-propelled anti-aircraft system designed to combat maneuvering aerodynamic targets at low and medium altitudes under conditions of intense radio-electronic countermeasures.


RIA-NOVOSTI: Donetsk militants have taken control of air-defense unit (The link is still alive: Special operation in eastern Ukraine (1558) / Ukraine: chronicle of events 17:37 – 29.06.2014 (updated: 6:08 PM, 06.29.2014 ) 2572915815 In recent days two military units have been seized by rebels in the east of Ukraine. The militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic has taken under its control part of the air defense forces, on whose territory are located Buk self-propelled anti-aircraft missile complexes. Donetsk Militants (RIA-Novosti) Donetsk, June 29 – RIA Novosti. The Donetsk militia has taken control of an air defense unit, the local militia reported to RIA-Novosti on Sunday. ‘The militia of the DNR has taken Military Unit A-1402 under its control,’ a source reported to the agency. In his words, it is part of the surface-to-air missile forces , which are armed with the Buk self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system.

Screenshot of RIA-Novosti report

Screenshot of RIA-Novosti report

Over the past few days in eastern Ukraine the militia has taken control of two military units. One of them surrendered without resistance, another after a few hours of fighting. In Ukraine on 22 February there was a state coup, but some southeastern regions have not recognized the legitimacy of the authorities. Rallies began there in support of independence, against which the Kiev authorities launched a special military operation using aviation, armor and heavy artillery. The president elected in May, Petro Poroshenko, declared his intention to complete the special operation quickly and presented his plan for a peaceful settlement. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier that Moscow welcomed the truce, but it should not become a suspension of the ultimatum. What is happening in Ukraine and Novorossiya Mass anti-government demonstrations began in the south-eastern areas of Ukraine at the end of February 2014. They were a response by local residents to the violent overthrow of the government in the country, and disappointment at the attempt by the Verkhovna Rada to cancel the law granting Russian the status of a regional language. The Donbas has become the center of confrontation with the Kiev authorities. For more on how the conflict in Ukraine’s southeast has developed, read in the RIA-Novosti Chronicle.


NTV: Rebels in Donetsk have taken a military unit under their control (It hangs here as if nothing has happened: NTV Buk Today, Military Unit A-1402 in Donetsk fell under the control of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR).

Screenshot of NTV report

Screenshot of NTV report

As reported to Interfax by representatives of the DNR, today the militia took military unit A-1402 on Stratonaftov Streetunder its control. Details were not provided for clarification by the DNR representatives. Unit A-1402 is an anti-aircraft rocket regiment of the Air Defense Forces, among the armaments of which is the Buk self-propelled missile system. Recall that on 26 June the militia took control of Military Unit No. 3004. Just beforehand, a military unit on the outskirts of Donetsk voluntarily went over to the side of the Donbass self-defense forces.



And so on, and so on, and so on. In the very first paragraphs of texts, the ‘Buki’ [Buk launchers – Ed.] are referred to with great pride. In any case, I include screenshots. And there is little evidence as to whether or not…

Who continues to want to declare this ‘ukrop propaganda’ and ‘pindos disinformation’?

[Note: ‘ukrop’ is a derogatory word used by Russians to describe pro-independence Ukrainians that literally translates as ‘dill,’ and which many Ukrainians have adopted with pride; ‘pindos’ is a Russian slur for Americans that is of uncertain derivation. – Ed.]

P.S. Not much?

Check out Komsomolskaya Pravda:оnline/news/1777045/


Interfax: http://www.interfаоrld/383232

Still need more? Well, Google it yourselves…

  Komsomolskaya Pravda: The DNR rebels have taken a military unit with Buk anti-aircraft rocket complex under their control. Ukrainian Crisis ~ Nadezhda BAS (29 June 2014, 19:34) Komsomolskaya Pravda Their quantity and technical condition are so far unknown The self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk was able on Sunday, June 29, to take control of Military Unit No. A-1402 of the Air Defense Forces (PVO) with Buk anti-aircraft missile complex.

Screenshot of Komsomolskaya Pravda report

Screenshot of Komsomolskaya Pravda report

As stated by the press service of the DNR, the number and technical condition of the systems, now in the hands of the self-defense units, remains unknown, reports ITAR-TASS. Previously the DNR militia had established control over a Donetsk chemical goods factory, where they are planning to begin production of fragmentation hand grenades. ‘KOMSOMOLSKAYA PRAVDA’ DIRECTORY: Buk is a self-propelled anti-aircraft system designed to combat maneuvering aerodynamic targets at low and medium altitudes under conditions of intense radio-electronic countermeasures. MEANWHILE Notes fom the Refugee Camp Our photo-correspondent Nikolai Khizhniak stayed for a few days in a locality near the border, where he found Ukrainians seeking refuge from the civil war. Since 24 June, Nikolai has been working in a refugee camp in Donetsk – in a Russian town on the border between Rostov region and Ukraine. He has already taken hundreds of pictures, the best of which you have seen on our website Parallel with that, he is maintaining records, part of which we offer to you (read more).


VZGLYAD: The militia has taken control of a unit of the Air Defense Forces in the Donbass equipped with Buk anti-aircraft rocket complexes. 29 June 2014, 17:45 VzglyadFighters of the people’s militia of Donetsk region have established control over a unit of the air defense forces equipped with Buk complexes, reports the local militia. ‘Today the militia of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR) has subordinated to itself Military Unit A-1402,’ said the militia, noting that it is one of the units of the Air Defense Forces that has the Buk self-propelled anti-aircraft rocket system,’ reports RIA Novosti. Over the past few days in the east of Ukraine the militia has taken control of two military units. One of them surrendered without resistance, another afer a few hours of fighting. As reported by the deputy commander of the People’s Militia of the Donbass Igor Strelkov, and retired Air Defense Forces officer and science-fiction writer Fyodor Berezin, the outcome of the confrontation is that the Ukrainian National Guard troops have run out of ammunition.

Screenshot of Vzglyad report

Screenshot of Vzglyad report

However, since the middle of April the Kiev authorities have carried out a ‘special operation’ in the east of Ukraine to suppress the protest movement in Ukraine. The military and security forces have been actively using heavy artillery and combat aircraft. Many victims among the civilian population and destruction of homes and infrastructure have been reported. Last week Mr. Poroshenko ordered all armed units taking part in the operation in eastern Ukraine to implement a ceasefire. On Friday the truce was extended for a further 72 hours. In spite of this, the active fighting in the region has not stopped.


INTERFAX: The storming of a military unit in Donetsk has begun 29 June 2014 ~ 23:06 Moscow / 29 June 2014. – Armed people are trying to take control of a military unit in Donetsk, an Interfax correspondent reported Sunday. MVD (internal afairs) military unit No. 3036, which is located on the territory of a military academy, is being shelled. You can hear explosions, a fire has started inside, and residents in the vicinity have taken refuge in basements. Earlier on Sunday, Military Unit No. A-1402 in Donetsk fell under the control of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR). ‘Today the rebels subordinated to themselves Military Unit No. A-1402 on Stratonaftov Street,’ said the representatives of the DNR’s press service, offering no details. Military Unit No. A-1402 is an anti-aicraft rocket regiment of the Air Defense Forces, which is armed with the Buk self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system. Meanwhile, Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov has reported on his facebook page that the personnel of Military Unit No. 3037 passed through a rebel roadblock and joined up with participants in the military operations.

Screenshot of Interfax report

Screenshot of Interfax report

‘More than 300 national guardsmen in armed formations under the command of Colonel Borteyev have boken through a terrorist roadblock and, under Ukrainian flags, have united with the forces of the ATO [Anti-Terrorist Operation] Sector D,’ sressed the minister. He said that representatives of the self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk (DNR) had put forward an ultimatum to the soldiers, demanding that they lay down their arms and transfer the warehouse of weapons located on the territory of the unit to the jurisdiction of the DNR. Avakov said that the ammunition depot on the territory of the military unit had been mined and blown up on his orders. ‘I gave the order, to prevent any remaining weapons and ammunition falling into the hands of the terrorists,’ he said. On 26 June the militia took control of Military Unit No. 3004. http://www.interfаоrld/383232   Parkhomenko:

P.P.S. And now we can see the bandits beginning to abandon their pride not long after the plane crash.

The prominent blogger el-murid writes:

‘ … About the rebels’ access to serviceable ‘Buki,’ all the information is based on the words of Kurginian that the militia has these systems in its arsenal and that the rebels have been able to capture a few non-functioning systems. The only one who had argued that the rebels had ‘Buki’ and were ready to take control of the sky over Donetsk was once again a well-known political scientist, in his ‘Statement’ on July 13th.’


P. P.P.S. And like the icing on the cake:


Poklonskaya Twitter

Screenshot of Natalia Poklonskaya’s Twitter page

Miss Poklonskaya rejoices at the ‘cookies for the Ukrainian armed forces’ that are now in the hands of the rebels. The date is the same: 29 June 2014.


Natalia Poklonskaya

[Natalia Poklonskaya is the ‘prosecutor-general’ of separatist Crimea. A woman in her early thirties’, she was apparently appointed to the position for her ‘blonde appeal,’ as her professional qualifications for such a high-level post are negligible. Much like pretty blonde Russian tennis pro Maria Sharapova, Poklonskaya has proven very popular among males in Japan, as the first comment under her Twitter post might suggest. ~ Ed.]

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