Arnold Lakhovsky

Arnold Lakhovsky in Jerusalem in 1909

Arnold Lakhovsky in Jerusalem in 1909

Arnold Borisovich Lakhovsky (1880-1937) was born in Chernobyl in the Russian Empire (present-day Ukraine). He studied art formally at the Art Academy of Odessa, and also in Munich and Saint Petersburg. In the period between completing his formal studies in 1912 and his emigration to France in 1925, he worked mostly in northwest Russia but gained exposure to a diverse range of artistic influences, including at the workshops of Kyriak Kostandi and Gennady Ladyzhenksy in Odessa, of Ilya Repin at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Higher Fine Art School, and at the Fine Arts Academy in Munich. He also taught art in Jerusalem at the Bezalel Art School in 1908. He joined the Kuindzhi Society in 1915 and The Wanderers Society in 1916. He became one of the founding members of the Jewish Arts Encouragement Society in November 1915 and donated his works to charity auctions. After emigrating to France, and his paintings were exhibited in an art museum in Paris. In 1933, he finally moved to New York City and taught at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston while working mainly as a portrait painter on commission. He died in New York City.

'The Conversation' (1935)

‘The Conversation’ (1935)


'Venetian Canal Scene' (1927)

‘Venetian Canal Scene’ (1927)


'Bruges Canal'

‘Bruges Canal’


'A View of Pskov'

‘A View of Pskov’


'Provincial Market' (1914)

‘Provincial Market’ (1914)


Self-Portrait (1910)

Self-Portrait (1910)

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