Fyodor Zakharov

Fyodor Sakharov

Fyodor Sakharov

Fyodor Zakharovich Zakharov (1919-1994) was awarded the title ‘People’s Artist of Ukraine’ (1978), and the Shevchenko National Prize (1987). He completed his formal art studies in Moscow from 1935-41, in the Stalin era, during which time art was subordinated to the wishes of the Communist Party. However, he did not choose to conform and thus did not receive the honors, privileges or material benefits accruing to artists working to advance the official ideology. He was inspired by Russian and Ukrainian landscapes, particularly Crimea, where he lived much of his life and at the time of his death. He also lived in the Ukrainian village of Sedniv, site of an old manor house where Taras Shevchenko sometimes stayed in the 1840s.

'Silent Noon at Alupka' (1958)

‘Silent Noon at Alupka’ (1958)


'Sunny Day in Gursuf' (1959)

‘Sunny Day in Gursuf’ (1959)


'Yalta Port' (1959)

‘Yalta Port’ (1959)


'In the Master's Studio' (1960)

‘In the Master’s Studio’ (1960)


'Stormy Wind at Livadia' (1964)

‘Stormy Wind at Livadia’ (1964)


'Sunny Day in Sedniv' (1968)

‘Sunny Day in Sedniv’ (1968)

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