Ivan Trush



Ivan Trush (1869-1941) was an impressionist painter of landscapes and portraits, and an active patron of arts in Galicia (or Halychyna) in western Ukraine. Born in the Lviv region, he studied at the Kraków Academy of Art under Jan Stanisławski and Leon Wyczółkowski from 1891-97. He also studied in Vienna (1894) and Munich (1897). In Lviv in 1898, he became acquainted with the poet and writer Ivan Franko, alongside whom he helped establish the Lviv National Museum. In 1899 he held his first exhibit. Trust was extremely prolific, producing over 6,000 works and playing a major role in the rebirth of painting in Galicia.

'An Egyptian Landscape'

‘An Egyptian Landscape’


'An Italian Landscape' (1930)

‘An Italian Landscape’ (1930)


'Italian Stone Pines'

‘Italian Stone Pines’


'In the Garden'

‘In the Garden’


'Portrait of Ivan Franko' (1930)

‘Portrait of Ivan Franko’ (1930)

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