Mykola Pymonenko



Mykola Kornylovych Pymonenko (1862-1912) was a member of the Imperial Academy of Arts from 1904 and had joined the Peredvizhniki movement of progressive artists by the turn of the century. He painted many generalized portraits idealizing the working man and used the theme of peasant labor in much of his work. He created over 700 genre scenes, landscapes and portraits, and painted murals for S. Volodymyr’s Cathedral in Kyiv. He also created illustrations for several of Taras Shevchenko’s poems.

'Matchmakers' (1882)

‘Matchmakers’ (1882)


'Yuletide Fortune Tellers' (1888)

‘Yuletide Fortune Tellers’ (1888)


'Easter Matins' (1890)

‘Easter Matins’ (1890)


'Harvest Gathering in Ukraine' (1896)

‘Harvest Gathering in Ukraine’ (1896)


'Victim of Fanaticism' (1899)

‘Victim of Fanaticism’ (1899)


'Ukrainian Night. Appointment' (1905)

‘Ukrainian Night. Appointment’ (1905)


'Idyll' (1908)

‘Idyll’ (1908)


'Ford' (1910)

‘Ford’ (1910)




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