Oleksandr Murashko

Self-Portrait (1918)

Self-Portrait (1918)

Oleksandr Oleksandrovych Murashko (1875-1919), the son of an icon-painting workshop owner, became influenced by Western art when he traveled to Germany, Italy and France in his mid-twenties. He won a gold medal at the Munich Exposition in 1909 for his painting Carousel, and exhibited his work in Venice, Rome. Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne and Düsseldorf. He taught at Kyiv Art School from 1909-12 before opening his own studio in 1913, and greatly influenced Kazimir Malevich. He was an adherent of the ‘Young Muse’ movement, started in 1906 by Modernists to make Ukrainian art more progressive, in keeping with developments in Western art. He founded the Association of Kyiv Artists in 1916 and co-founded the Ukrainian State Academy of Arts in 1917. In 1919, he was shot and killed him outside his home in Kyiv.

'Girl in a Red Hat' (1902-03)

‘Girl in a Red Hat’ (1902-03)


'The Funeral of a Chieftain' (1900)

‘The Funeral of a Chieftain’ (1900)


'Woman with Flowers' (1918)

‘Woman with Flowers’ (1918)


'Winter' (1905)

‘Winter’ (1905)


'The Woman in Black' (1917)

‘The Woman in Black’ (1917)


'Carousel' (1906)

‘Carousel’ (1906)


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