Tetyana Yablonska

Self-Portrait (1945)

Self-Portrait (1945)

Tetyana Yablonska (1917-2005) was a painter of nature and scenes of the life and work of the Ukrainian people. The vast majority of her most famous work was from the post-WWII Soviet period, and she received top Soviet awards, including ‘People’s Artist of the USSR’ (1982), USSR State Prize (called the Stalin Prize in 1949 and 1951; State Prize in 1979), Order of the Red Banner of Labor (1951), and Order of Friendship of Peoples (1977). She was also the winner of the UNESCO ‘Artist of the Year’ award (1997) and the Shevchenko State Prize of Ukraine (1998), and was made a ‘Hero of Ukraine’ (2003). She was highly prolific and productive until the end of her life.

'At the Start Line' (1947)

‘At the Start Line’ (1947)


'Bread' (1949)

‘Bread’ (1949)


At the Window 1954

‘At the Window’ (1954)


'Portrait of the Artist's Mother' (1956)

‘Portrait of the Artist’s Mother’ (1956)


'Widows' (1964)

‘Widows’ (1964)


'The Source' (1983)

‘The Source’ (1983)


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