Volodymyr Orlovsky

Volodymyr Orlovsky

Volodymyr Orlovsky

Volodymyr Orlovsky (1842-1914) is considered one of the founders of Ukrainian Realist landscape painting. Born in Kyiv, his talent was noticed at the secondary school level. He received a recommendation from Taras Shevchenko in 1861 at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, and a silver medal from the academy two years later. He was able to go abroad on government stipends for the recognition and awards he achieved, traveling and working in France, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. Orlovsky took influence from the Ukrainian landscape painter Arkhyp Kuindzhi, and his art was purchased and commissioned by the aristocracy and royalty of the Russian Empire. He became ill with typhoid in 1897, and moved from St. Petersburg to his ‘native and beloved Kyiv.’

'Harvest' (1882)

‘Harvest’ (1882)


'Ukrainian Landscape' (1882)

‘Ukrainian Landscape’ (1882)


'In Italy' (1876)

‘In Italy’ (1876)


'City on the Seashore' (1875)

‘City on the Seashore’ (1875)





Orlovsky - Steppe





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