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Chad Nagle

As I launch this web log, Ukraine is at war. Russian-backed separatist rebels routinely violate a ceasefire agreement signed on September 5th after months of fighting and thousands killed. Ukraine is waging a defensive war to enforce its sovereignty, and it is a just war. Young soldiers of the regular Ukrainian army, special battalions, National Guard units, volunteers – all risk their lives daily to prevent the Russian proxy forces from advancing further into Ukrainian territory and killing more people. As of October, about a thousand Ukrainian troops have been killed since fighting broke out in April. These facts are undeniable, and they demand sympathy for Ukraine. Its citizens are not perfect, its institutions of state are flawed, and its challenges are immense. But at this critical time in its history, people of conscience everywhere must stand with Ukraine, a 21st-century David fighting against a retrograde imperial Goliath. And lest it be forgotten, Ukraine is also naturally beautiful country with great potential. This site is designed to offer insight into this beautiful, war-torn country. Slava Ukraine! Glory to Ukraine!