Evgeniy Chuikov

Evgeniy Chuikov

Evgeniy Chuikov

Evgeniy Vasilievich Chuikov (1924-2000) was a landscape painter who worked in the Russian realist and French impressionist styles. A decorated veteran of World War II who fought against the Nazi Germans in Ukraine, Chuikov began his artistic career in 1948 at the Zaporizhstal steel plant in Zaporizhia, his home city. He formed the Zaporizhia branch of the Artists’ Union of Ukraine, established in 1963, and in the late 1960s became friends with artists at the Vladimir school of art in Vladimir, Russia. In 1977, Chuikov was awarded the title of Meritorious Artist of Ukraine, and in 1997 the highest award: People’s Artist of Ukraine. Throughout his artistic career he took part in over 70 national, republican and regional exhibitions. He also participated in over 20 international exhibitions primarily in the United Kingdom, Canada, USA and France. A website of his work can be viewed here.

'Sundial' (1968)

‘Suzdal’ (1968)


'Domes' (1970)

‘Domes’ (1970)


'Lake Konevo' (1970)

‘Lake Konevo’ (1970)


'Village in Karelia' (1971)

‘Village in Karelia’ (1971)


'Roofs of the Old City' (1971)

‘Roofs of the Old City’ (1971)

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