Kyriak Kostandi

Kyriak Kostandi Bas-Relief

Kyriak Kostandi Bas-Relief

Kyriak Kostantynovych Kostandi (1852-1921) was a member of the Russian realist artistic movement called the Peredvizhniki (‘Wanderers’) and also authored many impressionist paintings. He graduated from the Odessa Drawing School in 1874 and the Saint Petersburg Academy of Arts in 1882. In 1897, while living in Odessa, he joined the Peredvizhniki, and played an important part in introducing the movement’s ideology to Ukraine. Kostandi was a strict realist and opposed to all ‘formalist’ trends. He was mainly a genre painter but also did landscapes and portraits. Most of his work concerns the city of Odessa, where he lived most of his life. His paintings are displayed in the museums of Odessa, Kyiv, Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

'Among the People' (1885)

‘Among the People’ (1885)


'Visiting a Sick Friend' (1884)

‘Visiting a Sick Friend’ (1884)


'Afternoon at the Country House' (1892)

‘Afternoon at the Country House’ (1892)


'Early Spring'

‘Early Spring’


'Lilac Bloom' (1902)

‘Lilac Bloom’ (1902)


Галки._Осінь (1915)

‘Jackdaws in Autumn’ (1915)

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