Maria Prymachenko

Maria Prymachenko

Maria Prymachenko

Maria Oksentiyvna Prymachenko (1908-1997) was a village folk art painter and a representative of naïve art. She was involved in drawing, embroidery and ceramic painting. A peasant woman, she was born and spent all her life in the village of Bolotnya in the Ivankiv district of Kyiv region, about 30 km from Chernobyl. The themes of her art incorporate fairy-tale imagery and mystery, as well as animals and plants. She painted on paper with factory-manufactured brushes using gouache and water colors. She preferred gouache, which provided a bright and thick decorative base with graphic contours. All of her work features themes of good versus evil, where good always triumphs, but sadness is also a persistent motif. Her art was exhibited all over the former Soviet Union, Ukraine and other countries, and her albums were published worldwide.

'Autumn Is Riding on Horseback' (1984)

‘Autumn Is Riding on Horseback’ (1984)

'Forest Bird With Its Child' (1961)

‘Forest Bird With Its Child’ (1961)

'This Beast Is Making Magic' (1983)

‘This Beast Is Making Magic’ (1983)

'Bird on a Blueberry Field'

‘Bird on a Blueberry Field’

'Rat on a Journey' (1963)

‘Rat on a Journey’ (1963)



'Wild Bull and Raven Are Friends' (1983)

‘Wild Bull and Raven Are Friends’ (1983)

'Young Lion' (1979)

‘Young Lion’ (1979)

Unknown Title

Unknown Title

'May That Nuclear War Be Cursed' (1978)

‘May That Nuclear War Be Cursed’ (1978)

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