Olena Kulchytska

Self-Portrait (1917)

Self-Portrait (1917)

Olena Lvivna Kulchytska (1877-1967) was a painter, graphic artist, master of applied arts and teacher, who blended Viennese modernism with Ukrainian folk art. She completed formal studies at the studio of R. Bratkowski and S. Batowski-Kaczor in Lviv (1901-03) and the Vienna School of Industrial Design (1903-08). Her work includes oil paintings, watercolors, illustrations, woodcuts, linocuts, copper engravings and etchings. She illustrated numerous books, including folklore and children’s literature, and exhibited in Lviv, Krakow, Warsaw, Poznan, Kyiv, Poltava, Vienna, Berlin, Kharkiv and Prague. In 1905, she donated her collection of over 3,000 pieces of her work to the Lviv Museum of Ukrainian Art. The Kulchytska Memorial Museum was opened in Lviv in 1971.

'Winter Landscape'

‘Winter Landscape’



'Woman in White'

‘Woman in White’

'Christ Has Risen' (1930)

‘Christ Has Risen’ (1930)

'Hutsul Wedding' (1935)

‘Hutsul Wedding’ (1935)



'Lviv Historical Museum' (1948)

‘Lviv Historical Museum’ (1948)

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