Sasha Putrya

Alexandra Putrya

Olexandra Putrya

Olexandra (Sasha) Yevgenivna Putrya (1978-1989) was a Ukrainian painter who produced thousands of works before dying of leukemia at age 11. She was born and lived in the Poltava region of Ukraine and started painting at age 3. By the time she died, she had created around 2,276 paintings and drawings, many of which are on display in a museum in Poltava. She had an intense interest in India, though she had never been there, and its music, clothes, and customs. She was buried dressed in Indian saris.




'Snake Tamer'

‘Snake Tamer’





'Gypsy Zemfira' (1985)

‘Gypsy Zemfira’ (1985)


'Indian Woman' (1988)

‘Indian Woman’ (1988)


'David Guramishvili' (1988)

‘David Guramishvili’ (1988)

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